Due to the untimely loss of “Ms. Grace” in August 2017, we have extended the registration period. We are still accepting registrations until further notice.

Please complete and submit the registration form below and mail your payment immediately following your submission. If you prefer to print and mail your registration form, please print this registration form page as well as our release form page, complete them both manually and mail to us along with your payment. Please read the terms and conditions with your child. In addition, please read the information on the Classes page before submitting your registration.

Please mail your tuition check* to this address before classes begin:

Laura Machanic
430 S. Fairfax St.
Alexandria, VA 22314

* Make check payable to Laura Machanic. It will not be refunded if your child withdraws during the semester.

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Please do not leave blank even if we have taught your child for years. There is always something new and interesting to add. Help us fully know your child. It helps him/her more than it helps us. Please indicate anything that would give us insight and sensitivity when teaching him/her. Are there specific learning disabilities or confidence problems? Does he/she need extra encouragement? Is he/she a leader, a follower, a dreamer, inattentive or very focused? Does he/she listen to music; does he/she seem to know the beat of a tune; does he/she play a musical instrument? Does he/she take correction easily, poorly, defensively? Is he/she artistic, imaginative, musical or athletic?

Does your child have any medical problems such as allergies, asthma, nosebleeds, diabetes, bladder reflux, epilepsy, etc.? Please inform us of any medical, learning or emotional problems. Each of the above impacts how we handle the child and the class if there is ever a problem.

Please indicate the class in which your child would like to enroll: Tues. 3:45 Pre Ballet, for 5 year oldsTues. 5:30 Beginning Tap, for 7 to 10 year oldsTues. 6:30 Intermediate to Advanced Tap, for 11 + year oldsWed. 3:45 Creative Movement, must be age 4 by Sept. 1Wed. 4:30 Beginning Ballet, for 6 year olds with some previous pre balletWed. 5:30 Advanced Beginning Ballet, for 7 and early 8 year olds with previous balletWed. 6:30 Advanced Intermediate Ballet, for 10 to 12 year olds, pre pointeFri. 4:30 Advanced Ballet, pointe, for 12 + year olds

Would you be willing to be a room mother for your child's class for the rare occasion that we need to communicate with the class?YesNo

Please select a category in which you would like offer help for the recital: General help with notices and phone calls to my child's class throughout the yearBake cookies or supply ginger ale for the receptionKeep order during the rehearsal or the recitalHelp with the design/production of the recital program

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