Please print this information for your year-round reference for tuition, holidays and make-up classes. PLEASE NOTE: THE RECITAL FEE INCLUDES THE COSTUME CHARGE. Due to the extensive effort and administrative time to collect individual checks for costumes, the Recital Fee includes the charge for your child’s costume.

Choose a payment plan below.

Payment Plan A – Pay for whole year at once in September – $610

$495 Tuition for 33 weeks at $15 per class
$50 Registration fee
$65** Recital & costume fee*
$610 Total Due first week of classes in September

Payment Plan B – Two payments – September $325 / January $285
September includes registration and recital fees. January includes tuition only.

$210 Tuition for half year (14 classes at $15 per class)
$50 Registration fee
$65** Recital & costume fee*
$325 Total Due in September
$285 Total Due in January (19 classes at $15 per class)

Payment Plan C – $400
Anyone starting in the second semester will be charged for the 2nd semester plus registration and recital fees. (Second semester has 5 more classes than 1st semester.)

$285 Tuition for half year (19 weeks at $15 per class)
$50 Registration fee
$65** Recital & costume fee*
$400 Total due first week of classes in January

Make all checks payable to Laura Machanic. (Do not make checks out to School for Swans.)

Please understand that this is a commitment for the full year from September through May. We build towards the May recital all year, and costumes are ordered in December. The costume fee is non-refundable if your child withdraws.

* The recital fee helps pay the rental for rehearsal and recital time.   Each child registered must pay the recital fee as it is somewhat based per child.  An average costume cost has been figured and included with the recital fee.

**If registering one child for two classes you may deduct $50 from your total as we do not charge a second registration fee. (The second $65 costume/recital fee is still charged.) If registering two children, all fees apply to each child.