Social Distancing in our Outdoor Classroom

Our outdoor classroom is a private location located in Old Town, within blocks of School for Swans.

Our outdoor classroom is adjacent to a parking lot where off-street drop-off and pick-up can occur. Students will enter the classroom via one entrance and exit via a separate exit to prevent any crowding or contact between classes. A classroom assistant will direct students to the exit to ensure no unnecessary contact between departing and arriving students.

After class, parents may pick up students in the adjacent parking lot; older students may walk unescorted to the adjacent parking area.  Younger students will be escorted to parents in the adjacent parking lot for pick-up. Alternatively, parents may pick up students at the exit gate of the outdoor classroom on Duke Street.

Before entering the outdoor classroom, teachers and students will be provided hand sanitizer and will have their temperature taken. Anyone with a temperature above 100.3 will not be admitted to class.

Teachers and students will wear masks.

Each child will be given a space to dance that is a minimum of 6 feet apart from their classmates. Each student’s space will be clearly marked and will include a portable barre or folding chair for balance.

All portable barres, chairs and floor mats/circles will be wiped down between classes with disinfectant.

Students will be asked to arrive dressed for class as no changing facility will be available.

*Restroom facilities will be available for emergencies only.*

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Photos by Louise Krafft