Terms and Conditions

Release and Conditions of Enrollment

Please read the following conditions carefully with your child.

I understand that tuition is due the first week of each semester – in September and January. There are no further notices or reminders.

I will honor the dress code of black leotards, pink tights, pink slippers with elastics sewn on and all hair worn off the face and neck in a ballet bun. No dangling bracelets or necklaces are allowed, as they are actually dangerous to eyes, teeth and face in general as well as being distracting to the child.

I recognize that the neighborhood is residential and my child knows not to race and shriek, waking up babies and terrifying the elderly. She will observe quiet behavior, thus keeping the neighbors friendly and unruffled, thus not jeopardizing the School for Swans.

I will not double park or load/unload on Fairfax St. (which is a bus route) blocking traffic, endangering the children or testing the patience of the neighbors or the police. As it is a residential neighborhood, I will park considerately, never taking up two spaces and I will join a car pool if it is possible to take the strain off the already limited parking in Old Town.

I understand there are times the teacher needs to touch, lift, straighten or change body placement and may even need to help the very youngest with leotards and tights in the bathroom. (We often hug a child in joy or distress, but if for any reason your child is uncomfortable with the necessary touching you are encouraged to observe classes to assure your child.)

I understand that occasionally class may include having the children watch videos in order to show them a special step or part from a classical ballet or dance.

I will notify you immediately if my child must drop out, understanding there may be a waiting list for my child’s class and dances may have been choreographed for the exact number of children in that class.

I understand that there is a recital that requires a costume, which is pre-paid at the start of the Fall semester. If my child must drop out after costumes are ordered, I understand there is no refund and that my child now owns a costume for next Halloween.

I understand all the parents volunteer to help with the recital in various ways by baking cookies, bringing items for the reception, keeping order at rehearsals and the recital, and otherwise helping during the year-end recital. All parents are needed and appreciated.

I understand that occasionally photographs of classes, the recital, and its rehearsal, and screen captures of the entire class on Zoom, may be taken that include my child, and those images may at times be posted on the School’s website or other informational outlets. I understand that, while no child’s name will be used or displayed, if I do not want my child’s face to appear in publicly used images of this kind, it is my responsibility to let the School know this in writing at the beginning of the School year.

Lastly, I have read the School’s policies including its uniform/required class attire.

My child and I have read, understand and accept the above.

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